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Stable quality, fast delivery, and perfect service are our commitment to customers

——   KDD,Famous clothing zipper  ——

Special price
The company insists on "products that is character" and wins the favor of customers with preferential prices.

Quality assurance
The company has an internationally advanced level of automatic zipper production equipment and perfect quality inspection equipment.

Fast delivery
The company can surprise you by reaching the speed of many cities at home and abroad.

Perfect Service
The company insists on "customer first", with excellent after-sales service to obtain the majority of domestic and foreign customers praise and affirmation.

——  PRODUCTS  ——
The company advocates the "details and achievement quality" of dedicated professionalism, the pursuit of perfect product quality, strict implementation of international testing standards

——  ABOUT KDD  ——

KDD zipper, 29 years old brand! 29 years of cultural heritage commitments!

KDD zipper is the preferred zipper for designer clothes!

Founded in 1988, KDD zipper is a professional manufacturer of KDD brand zippers. Some products sell well abroad.

After 20 years of hard work and development, now has nearly 10,000 square meters of standard factory buildings and office space, more than 500 employees, engineering technology and professional management personnel nearly 100. With the international advanced level of zipper automatic production equipment and improve the quality of testing equipment. The company has KDD......

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——   SERVICE  ——

Customer Service
How long have you been in this industry?
Since 1988, we specialize in manufacturing various zippers, such as: nylon zipper, metal...
2, what kind of scale do you have?
We have 155 acres of nearly 110,000 square meters of production base in Qingyuan, more than 800 workers and a few ....
3, how are your quality?
Our production concept is that every procedure is strictly required by the quality and all products are strictly...
4, Do you have a research and development team?
We have our own research and development technology department, design, research and development, production and production······


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